A Celebration Of American And The American Flag

Brian Eiffes with his parents (left) and members of the David S. Ward family (right).


The 2003 Award Recipient, Brian Eiffes
The David S. Ward Patriot Prize is named after David S. Ward who served in the U.S. Army in Germany and France in 1951 and 1952. Upon returning from the service, Mr. Ward received a chemical engineering degree from the University of Tennessee. Mr. Ward, who passed away in December, 2002, understood the value of service and served his nation well. In addition to his military service, Mr. Ward was a lifelong, active member of St. Anne Episcopal Church in Tennessee. A Boy Scout when he was young, Mr. Ward remained involved in scouting and went on to become a Scoutmaster later in life. The first David S. Ward Patriot Prize was presented to Brian Eiffes who has followed in David Ward’s footsteps. Twelve-year-old Brian is currently a Boy Scout in Troop 32 at St. James Parish in Arlington Heights, Illinois. In addition to his own work as a scout, he works with older scouts on their Eagle Scout public service projects. A musician, Brian began learning to play (by ear) the piano at the age of three. Four years ago, he took up the trumpet and now plays in the St. James School Band, as well as the Mount Prospect Sousa Band, which gathers community musicians from ages ten to adulthood. He also is a member of the variety show crew at St. James School. When the school conducted a 9/11 commemoration service, Brian closed out the event with a touching performance of Taps. It was not the first time Brian had played Taps; he had taught himself how to play it when his grandfather passed away. The David S. Ward Patriot Prize was presented to Brian in recognition of the active and purposeful citizenship he practices each and every day of his life.

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