A Celebration Of American And The American Flag

Dear Friends:
As you may know, in the spring of 2001, (prior to the tragic events of September 11, 2001), the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation was established and began its mission of service -- to celebrate America and the American flag by encouraging active, purposeful citizenship. Very simply stated, the foundation has many goals among them, to instill knowledge about the American flag; to encourage thought and discourse about what it means to be an American; to encourage active citizenship and humanitarianism; and to recognize individuals who have represented the U.S. flag and our nation well. In this regard, it is only fitting that I share these thoughts with you.

My passion and commitment to the mission and goals of the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation is as unwavering as the flag itself. Through my upbringing and education, through my travels and my life’s experiences, through my relationships and philanthropic work with so many generous and loving individuals, I have learned to appreciate the United States – all its opportunities and all its challenges. These are all represented in the American flag, truly the fabric of our nation.

Life is urgent. Life is compelling. Life is a gift. Each day we are presented with opportunities to participate vibrantly or to sit idly on the sidelines as a spectator. Each day, we are given the opportunity to make history or walk in its wake. We at the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities present in the world today; to participate, to make history and to make a difference by engaging in the foundation’s mission of active and purposeful citizenship. Together, let us celebrate America and the American flag, and that for which it stands. Your participation will be an expression of your citizenship and your commitment to a better world.

As I travel throughout the nation and all over the world, I do so as a citizen, an ambassador and a child of the United States. On behalf of everyone affiliated with the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation, I invite you to join us in celebrating America and the American flag, as we continue on this journey of engaged citizenship and personal diplomacy.

Carla Knorowski, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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