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The Thirteen-Fifty Foundation has been nationally recognized as a "Point of Light" by the Points of Light Foundation.

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The mission of the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation is to celebrate America and the American flag by encouraging active, purposeful citizenship. The Thirteen-Fifty Foundation seeks to achieve its mission through rich and diverse programs concentrating on the following areas:

Community Outreach
The Thirteen-Fifty Foundation believes it is through strategic and vibrant partnerships and consortia, organizations can achieve maximum impact in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Read more...

The Thirteen-Fifty Foundation believes that in addition to the rewards a formal education can bring, individuals also can learn through active and purposeful service to and within their communities. Read more...

Philanthropy is one of the most direct ways citizens can make a difference in their communities and the lives of others. To this end, the foundation has developed three programs of financial support. Read more...

Through its recognition program, the foundation will recognize in perpetuity, those who have served and represented America and the American flag well.

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