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Through its Partners in Patriotism program, the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation joins with other patriotic and civic-minded organizations to promote an even greater awareness of America, its rich history, culture and traditions.

The founding principles of the United States as set forth in masterful documents such as The Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, are clear testaments to the power of ideas. Ideas shape individual lives. Ideas shape nations. And no one can deny the power of ideas that spring forth from books. Thomas Jefferson, who penned the final draft of the Declaration of Independence, once said, "I can not live without books." Books provide a well-spring of ideas and can transport an individual, who may never leave his or her home, around the world from front cover to back cover.

The Thirteen-Fifty Foundation salutes the power of books — the power of ideas and their life changing influence through its creation of its Ideas Abroad program. Ideas Abroad furthers the foundation's commitment to active and purposeful citizenship as it engages citizens to work and serve not just within the borders of the United States, but all over the globe as citizens of the greater world. It furthers the foundation's educational mission as it assists in establishing or providing for already established English language libraries in developing countries and/or more developed countries of need. This is the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation's only program international in scope.

The foundation secures donations of English language books from publishers and individuals and then ships the books to the areas of need, thus literally and figuratively, sending "Ideas Abroad" to countries all over the world. Through its partners in patriotism, the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation works with organizations strongly linked to the areas of need, to insure the libraries and more importantly, the people served by those libraries receive the books they so richly deserve. Already through this program, the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation has been able to assist in the rebuilding of libraries in Afghanistan, as well as other Asian countries such as Thailand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines to name a few, as well as countries neighboring the United States, such as Haiti and Jamaica.

The Thirteen-Fifty Foundation invites individuals and organizations to contribute to its Ideas Abroad program by making a financial contribution to be used specifically for the purchase and transport of books or by making a gift of books through approved organizational book drives. Books contributed may be new or used. Publishers participating in the Ideas Abroad program are encouraged to send new, preview or remaindered books. Organizations or schools participating through book drives may contribute new or used books. Used books must be published within the last six years with the exception of literary, historical and/or political masterpieces or seminal writings, which are timeless in nature. Used books must be in tact and free of writing, highlighting or other markings. All contributions to the Ideas Abroad program are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

To learn more about the Ideas Abroad program, please contact the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation at 773 477-4036.

The Citizenship Consortium

The Citizenship Consortium creates a network of organizational support to expand the effectiveness of community outreach activities. Organization to organization, citizen to citizen, the Thirteen-Fifty Foundation strives to bring together educational, social and humanitarian service organizations and citizens groups, which tirelessly work to affect positive change in the daily lives of people across the globe.

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